Jim Ligon


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by Joe Sears, Jaston Williams
& Ed Howard

"Ligon is vastly entertaining as a matronly homemaker
who is raising three dysfunctional teenagers.  He is also
hilarious in a funeral scene, with a unique opportunity
to tell off the corpse of a hanging judge.  And he's a hoot as a preacher who shows up to give a eulogy."

                           --- Independent Press

"Jim Ligon is a riot as Pearl Burras, local chicken farmer and dog poisoner.  He brings down the house in the scene in the funeral parlor with his triumphant song to the dead judge."

                        --- North Country Public Radio

"Jim Ligon creates characters chock-full of surprises.  His Bertha Bumiller and Pearl Burras are masterfully wrought."

              --- Richmond Times Dispatch

8 productions and counting!